Type-3 Driver

Type-3 Driver

Type-3 driver also known as All Java Net Protocol Driver OR Network Protocol Driver OR Middleware Driver.

Type-3 Driver converts JDBC Calls into Middleware Server specific Calls. Middleware Server can convert Middleware Server specific Calls into Database specific Calls. Internally Middleware Server may use Type-1, 2 OR 4 Drivers to communicates with Database.

  • This Driver won’t communicate with Database directly and hence it is Database Independent Driver.
  • This Driver is Platform Independent Driver.
  • No need of ODBC Driver OR Vendor specific Native Libraries
  • Because of having Middleware Server in the Middle, there may be a chance of Performance Problems.
  • We need to purchase Middleware Server and hence the cost of this Driver is more when compared with remaining Drivers.

Example: IDS Driver (Internet Database Access Server)


The only Driver which is both Platform Independent and Database Independent is Type-3 Driver. Hence it is recommended to use.

Type-3 Driver
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