Log4j Appenders

Log4j Appenders

Appender is an object, it can be used to get logging messages from Logger object and publishing that logging messages to the proffered destinations. Each and Every Appender Object must have at least one Destination object in order to send logging messages. Log4j has provided the following appenders in order to publish logging messages.

  1. ConsoleAppender
  2. FileAppender
  3. JDBCAppender
  4. JMSAppender
  5. SocketAppender
  6. SMTPAppender
  7. AsyncAppender
  8. AppenderSkeleton
  9. DailyRollingFileAppender
  10. ExternallyRolledFileAppender
  11. LF5Appender
  12. NTEventLogAppender
  13. NullAppender
  14. RollingFileAppender
  15. SocketHubAppender
  16. SyslogAppender
  17. TelnetAppender
  18. WriterAppender

If we want to manage all logging messages in a File then we have to use FileAppenders. There are 4 types of File Appenders.

  • FileAppender
  • RollingFileAppender
  • DailyRollingFileAppender
  • ExternallyRolledFileAppender
Log4j Appenders

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