JDBC Architecture

JDBC Architecture

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an API (Application Program Interface) or platform-independent interface which helps to connect java programs with various databases such as Oracle, My SQL, MS Access and SQL Server etc.

  • JDBC API provides DriverManager to our Java Application.
  • Java Application can communicate with any Database with the help of DriverManager and Database Specific Driver.
  • It is the Key Component in JDBC Architecture.
  • DriverManager is a Java Class present in java.sql Package.
  • It is responsible to manage all Database Drivers available in our System.
  • DriverManager is responsible to register and unregister Database Drivers.
  • DriverManager is responsible to establish Connection to the Database with the help of Driver Software.
Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection (jdbcurl, username, pwd);
Database Driver
  • It is the very Important Component of JDBC Architecture.
  • Without Driver Software we cannot touch Database.
  • It acts as Bridge between Java Application and Database.
  • It is responsible to convert Java Calls into Database specific Calls and Database specific Calls into Java Calls.


  • Java Application is Database Independent but Driver Software is Database Dependent. Because of Driver Software only Java Application will become Database Independent.
  • Java Application is Platform Independent but JVM is Platform Dependent. Because of JVM only Java Application will become Platform Independent.
JDBC Architecture

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