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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Maven Project Configuration in Jenkins

Maven Basics
       Maven is a project management and comprehension tool. Maven provides developers a complete build life cycle framework.
Maven provides developers ways to manage following
* Builds
* Documentation
* Reporting
* Dependencies
* SCMs
* Releases
* Distribution
* mailing list

* POM is an acronym for Project Object Model.

* The pom.xml file contains information of project and configuration information for the maven to build the project such as dependencies, build directory, source directory, test source directory, plugin, goals etc.

* Maven reads the pom.xml file, then executes the goal.
<project xmlns="" 


     For creating the simple pom.xml file, you need to have following elements

Maven pom.xml file with additional elements
     Here, we are going to add other elements in pom.xml file such as

     That's it guys. This is all about Maven Tutorial. Let me know your comments and suggestions about this tutorial. Thank you.

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