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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Configure Jenkins

1. Configuring Java

Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> JDK Installations -> Add JDK

2 Configuring ANT & MAVEN

Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> ANT & MAVEN

Secure Jenkins
Manage Jenkins -> Configure Secure Jenkins
[Tick]  Enable Security
[Select]  Jenkins own user database
[Tick]  Allow users to Signup
[Select]  Matrix based Security
[add]  User Group and give all the access

Plug-in management 
Manage Jenkins -> Manager Plugins
     link and search for the plugin you want to install. Select it from the list and select to install it and restart Jenkins. You can manually restart Jenkins by adding restart as URL parameter.

Setting up a Jenkins job
     The build of a project is handled via jobs in Jenkins. Select New Item from the menu

Ant Project Configuration in Jenkins
     Ant basics ANT stands for Another Neat Tool. It is a Java-based build tool from Apache. It will do
* Compiling the code

* Packaging the binaries

* Deploying the binaries to the test server

* Testing the changes

* Copying the code from one location to another

     Typically, Ant's build file, called build.xml should reside in the base directory
<project default="info" name="Hello World Project">
    <target name="info"> 
       <echo>Hello World - Welcome to Apache Ant!</echo> 
* The XML element project has three attributes

Ant – Jenkins Configuration

     Click on Build now it will automatically deploy war in Tomcat Server

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